About UTH

Urgent Tech Help – UTH provides a remote solution while you are online or on the phone with our technician so that you can witness the repair work being done and also learn new tips on how to safe guard your computer from various risks. With UTH we offer a remote service solution which means there is no need to haul your PC to a PC repair shop or wait patiently for a technician to come in your house.

Affordable & Reliable Services From UTH:
1. We diagnose and fix your PC problems within minutes!
2. No need to carry your heavy PC to a computer repair shop
3. No need to wait for a technician to arrive at your home/office
4. Using a licensed remote repair facility, your PC is assessed from the comfort of your home/office
5. Our USP is the ready availability of our engineers to address your needs in the oddest of hours
6. 24 x weekdays computer support at an affordable price -14 customized plans to choose from.

For more information please visit: http://www.urgentechelp.com
Call us:
India- +33 3261 7200
UK- +203 026 2091
USA- +510 962 4561
Aus- +29 037 2906


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