How to Install Windows 7 to Your PC with Utmost Ease

If you are a computer user and using an outdated operating system, then it is high time that you Install Windows 7 in your computer. It is one of the latest platforms having some of the most advanced features and functionality for the users. Windows 7 activation is an easy task and you just need to follow a few basic steps. Prior to Windows 7 activation, you need to install it in your computer.


Install Windows 7 for laptop & Windows 7 for PC

  • PRESS Del or F2 in order to enter the BIOS of the computer
  • From the boot menu please choose the option Boot from CD/DVD
  • Now press F10 key and save the configuration and exit BIOS
  • Now restart your computer after a while
  • Now insert the Windows 7 DVD into your DVD Drive and run the CD
  • Select the desired options like time zone, language, currency format etc.

install windows 7

  • Choose the option Install Now if You want to Install the Windows 7 in place
  • Please accept the terms and conditions
  • Choose the right platform of Windows installation Custom(Advanced) or Upgrade
  • Select the Disk where you want to install the program to
  • Installing windows process restarts the computer
  • Select user name for your Windows 7 account and unique name for computer
  • Key in the product key from the Box Serial Number
  • Choose the desired Time Zone


After the installation of the Windows 7 Operating System to your compute, please do the following checks

  • Check if the browsers are working properly or not
  • Check whether the internet cables are at place or not

In case you face any problems associated with the entire installation process you can call up a remote technician like Urgentechelp. Upgrading Windows 7 has never been easier. They remotely install Operating Systems into the client’s computer.


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