Gold Plan of Urgent Tech Help has been Praised as the Best Plan in the IT World

affordable planComputers – the ultimate invention in the modern world. Adding more spice in it, internet has arrived in the scene with a storm. And, Urgentechelp converted this storm into a super-cyclone, on a positive note. These inventions have able to give new kinds of work, altogether. Recognizing the trend, UTH has also joined this bandwagon of offering computer related repair services. To tackle various computers related issues, both internally & externally, they have given the birth of a plan, named Gold Plan.

First thing first, with the service validity of 365 days, UTH Gold’s plan is one of the affordable plans in the market. Those who will avail the plan, get the all kinds of PC troubleshooting support, installation of licensed antivirus and at a 50% discount.

Under this plan, technicians will encounter various but common problems that arise in daily work. These are:

  • Crash of hard drive.
  • Slow speed of the computers.
  • Freeze of computers.
  • Abnormal behavior of the computers.
  • Data-loss issues.
  • Hacking of information.
  • Ill-performance of the software.

Coming to the service, they come up with a varied range of services, indeed.

  • Installation of internet security.
  • E-scan.
  • F-secure client security.
  • Installation of best antivirus. (Quick Heal)
  • Installation of CCleaner.
  • Their technicians will clean the unwanted, malicious, malwares, spywares, & virus affected programs.
  • And, many more.

The above-mentioned services are just the glimpse of the Urgent Tech Help exhaustive service list. The best thing about their service is that if anyone avails this plan, UTH is going to deliver a complete one year technical support solution. And, after every 15 days, they will call the plan users to avail the feedback. And, their customers can contact them for round-the-clock for technical support on a 24 hours a day basis.

Urgent Tech Help - PC Support


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