Avail Top Notch and Reliable Computer Technical Support Service

It is extremely common to experience technical hitches with computers and depending on the seriousness of your needs, you may not be willing to wait hours on end to receive technical help to troubleshoot your computer and to restore your operations. Hence; if you are in the midst of a technical problem with your computer, you can resort to the online technical support as extended by Urgent Tech Help. We at Urgent Tech Help, probe thoroughly into the problem which is concerning your computer and lend our expertise to offer an almost immediate resolution for the problem. Apart from providing solutions for technical problems with your computer, we also provide other computer-related services to our clients, such as providing virus protection packages, catering to parental check configurations for PCs, probing into email problems, repairing and installing operation systems, etc., so as to provide our clients with an all-round solution for their computer related problems.

Urgent Tech Help is available 24X7 and our proactive technical staff feels more than contended to lend their help to solve the problems of our clients.  Although we cater basic computer technical support service, our uniqueness lies in providing an uninterrupted and simplified solution to address to the technical problems concerning our client’s computers. Our highly experienced and technical staff carry out a complete diagnosis of the ailing systems with the aid of remote PC access to check for the exactnature of the technical problems that may be causing the operational problems and then provide a detailed solution to the problem. We provide technical support thorough varied modes of communication, like e-mail, over-the-phone support or through a live-chat system.

Catering a plethora of computer technical support service, we understand the vulnerability of our client’s work and therefore aim to prioritize the needs of our clients, so as to build a long term relationship with them. We understand that the services we provide are of paramount importance to the modern work culture and that any sudden interruption can lead our clients to lose a great deal.

How Does Online PC Checkup Affect Computers

Computer malfunctions are one of the most commonly faced problems in today’s world. A regular PC health check up is a mandate since it would help in alleviating a lot of problems for the computer user. Can we imagine a world without computers?

No we cannot, since modern life has been revolutionized by modern day computing and smartphone technology. A somewhat digital revolution has undertaken our lives right from the point computers began to be commercialized way back in the early 1990s. Well, lets take a leap forward in time, and talk about more recent times. The year 2015, is the pinnacle of digital revolution where smartphone technology, computers and social media has put an unique digital footprint on human life.

In this ever developing world of technology, we all become dependent on specialized support services for our technological applications. Computers and mobile phones become indispensable seekers of support services in order to ensure smooth operations. Services like PC health check up become routine services for many. With the demand comes the supply with an ever increasing market of computer support companies which provide round the clock support services to their clients. These are specialized and dedicated cells which extend round the clock support services for their clients.

Online PC Health Check Up

The Main Advantages of PC Check-Up Services:

  • It optimizes the performance of a given computer and ramps up the overall performance in the most spectacular manner.
  • PC check up services would go ahead and automatically find and delete the auto-start settings.
  • PC health check up does delete the browser history and also offers a complete protection to computer users against any kind of unwanted information leakage.
  • cookies are automatically deleted using a proper Online PC check up service.
  • Instant messaging deleting services is an essential tool which plays a very important role in maintaining the privacy of the users.
  • Once the check up has been done, you can always go ahead and implement the necessary changes.

If You Want A Smooth Performing PC Please Opt For A Regular Online PC Speed Up

The performance of a PC is determined with its speed of operation. When a PC slows down, it is quite obvious that the user would be facing a number of problems in using the computer. One of the major problems faced would be with the Microsoft Office Suites. When a computer slows down, automatically the performance of its associated software would go down. Even tasks like browsing the internet would become a big problem for the computer users. Thus every computer user must know how to speed up his or her PC in order to ensure optimum performance for the users. Suffering from PC slowdown problems?

Well here are a few tips that might just be very helpful for you

  • Put a brake on all the unnecessary background processes running in the computer: the left side of the task bar displays the partially running or fully running programs in the computer. Be it partially running or fully running, they put an impact on the overall performance of the computer processor and memory. Thus stopping all unnecessary programs would enhance the processing speed and memory allocation.

PC Speed Up

  • Go to the Start Menu and follow the steps: Start > Run > type in “MSCONFIG” and click OK.
  • Switch off any additional desktop features that enhance the looks or appearance of the computer. For example in Windows XP, right clicking on the My Computer would display the properties tab which would lead the user to Advanced Tab>Settings> Performance Section

From the performance options dialogue > Click on Adjust for best performance

  • Clear the Recycle bean after checking the files and folders present in the system.
  • Go for a disk fragmentation in order to incorporate proper disk space sharing among the users.
  • Install the latest software tools in the computer to keep malicious files at bay.

If you want to have more similar types of information or want to keep knowledge regarding computer technical information can Urgentechelp Blog or can watch Urgent Tech Help Video Channel.

Avg Tuneup Utilities Are Now Available For Your Smart Phone Too the benefits are immense

The AVG Tune up has come up as a modern computer maintenance solution for computer users across the globe. With its availability in over 32 countries and an equally number of languages, it has come off age as a modern pc optimization tool. An intelligent tool, AVG has a complete tool that manages system performance, deletes unnecessary files and folders and helps in customizing the appearance of the desktop. Free AVG tune up utilities can be readily availed from the internet since there are a plethora of links that lead a person to AVG Tune-up Utility.

Now This unique kit are also available for your favorite smart phone. It is true that smart phones are improving the quality of our lives. Avg Tuneup Services is one of the ways to enhance the battery life of your smart phone as well as your pc. Optimize the performance of your Smartphone with a longer battery life and superior performance.

AVG Tune-up is offering a host of features like the:

  • task killer
  • power saver
  • storage space manager
  • data usage monitor

Tuneup Master

These are not mere utilities for your Smartphone but these are excellent performance management tools for your Smartphone or tablet. They coordinate to keep your mobile’s performance on top and offer seamless performance and connectivity.

What are the new features of AVG Battery Saver & TuneUp

  • Task Killer displays running Tasks and Processes
  • Battery Consumption facilitates Power Saving
  • Complete task generation and assistance from computer

The AVG Tune Up Utilities are immense and are greatly affecting the very performance of computers and smart phones alike. There are many free versions available for smart phone and pc users. Thus the complete experience would be a great one especially with rapid smart phone and pc optimization.

Microsoft Office Online Installation is easy now, thanks to remote computer support companies

Computers have made our lives simpler and especially with the advent of internet, our important personal and official data is being stored in computers. Internet gives us global connectivity along with the chance to go ahead and download important information from the internet. If we look at computer usage in the whole, Microsoft Office plays a very important role in our lives. Sometimes, Microsoft Office Installation becomes an absolute necessity in case your computer does not have one. The process of Installation of Microsoft Office is a very easy one. You need to know the right steps and get hold of the right software to enable the complete installation process. If you have an existing Microsoft office application in your pc or laptop, then you need to repair Microsoft office.

Be it Microsoft Office Online Repair or Microsoft Office Online Installation, you can get plenty of help from the internet. There are self teaching tutorials which would teach you how to conduct the entire process of Microsoft Office Repair or Installation. If you are too lazy to learn the basic steps and try it yourself, you can always opt for a remote computer support company. Well, your local technician would be a very good choice for you, but, a certified technical department would be better off in helping you out.

microsoft office installationThe advantages of Microsoft Office is it takes very less time to install and the process itself is very simple. The right software pack and the right steps would complete the task easily. The usage of pirated software is highly detrimental for the health of your computer. Pirated versions tend to conflict with the OS of the computer and delays your task considerably.

Thus you should always opt for the original version of the software and rely on reliable technicians to make the task easy. Video tutorials are also provided by online computer repair companies across the globe. Once you avail a service from an online technical services company, you would get ample training and assistance for basic computer troubleshooting tricks.

How to Install Windows 7 to Your PC with Utmost Ease

If you are a computer user and using an outdated operating system, then it is high time that you Install Windows 7 in your computer. It is one of the latest platforms having some of the most advanced features and functionality for the users. Windows 7 activation is an easy task and you just need to follow a few basic steps. Prior to Windows 7 activation, you need to install it in your computer.


Install Windows 7 for laptop & Windows 7 for PC

  • PRESS Del or F2 in order to enter the BIOS of the computer
  • From the boot menu please choose the option Boot from CD/DVD
  • Now press F10 key and save the configuration and exit BIOS
  • Now restart your computer after a while
  • Now insert the Windows 7 DVD into your DVD Drive and run the CD
  • Select the desired options like time zone, language, currency format etc.

install windows 7

  • Choose the option Install Now if You want to Install the Windows 7 in place
  • Please accept the terms and conditions
  • Choose the right platform of Windows installation Custom(Advanced) or Upgrade
  • Select the Disk where you want to install the program to
  • Installing windows process restarts the computer
  • Select user name for your Windows 7 account and unique name for computer
  • Key in the product key from the Box Serial Number
  • Choose the desired Time Zone


After the installation of the Windows 7 Operating System to your compute, please do the following checks

  • Check if the browsers are working properly or not
  • Check whether the internet cables are at place or not

In case you face any problems associated with the entire installation process you can call up a remote technician like Urgentechelp. Upgrading Windows 7 has never been easier. They remotely install Operating Systems into the client’s computer.

Urgent Tech Help is Offering the Best Services to Eradicate Computer Viruses from Any System

If computers are the boon for society, viruses are certainly the bane came along with it. These computer viruses have also given a birth of computer hackers whose primary aim to cause any kind of disruption in a computer. Creation of adware, spyware & malware has predominantly known as virus problems. These issues can harm any computer systems and can cause lot of distress. There is no computer in today’s time that is not suffering from the problems with viruses. Acknowledging these issues, Urgent Tech Help has come up with a computer virus problems related plan to tackle this issues.

problems with computer viruses

There are various problems that may arise due to viruses. These are such as crashing of hard-drive, suffering data-loss, slowing down of computers, hacking of personal data, unusual responding of applications, abnormal behavior of computer, automatic rebooting of computer, automating freezing of computer, receiving automatic pop-ups and various others. If a computer is suffering from any of the above-mentioned issues then that would be termed as a virus computer.

To tackle this diverse range of problems, Urgent Tech Help has come up with a plan named “virus Problems”. Installation of anti-viruses, cleaning of unwanted, malicious & virus infected programs & files, locating & removing of spywares, malwares & viruses, locating the areas which is missing the security software, configuring firewall setup, scheduling automated virus, spywares & adware.